Gas Nitriding Furnace

Pit-type Gas Nitriding Furnace - GNe Known for long but fresh surface hardening process.

Equipment Overview
This equipment heats up workpieces made of steel with specific chemical components to 400-600°C in an atmosphere of ammonia gas for a period of 1-100 hrs, forming an iron nitride layer with a thickness of -30 m on the surface, and a follow-up diffusion layer.

Equipment Features
* Produces very high hardness
* Hardness never drops even after heating up to 600°C. (excellent heat resistance)
* Less deformation after treatment.
* Treatment can be performed irrespective of size of workpiece
* Can be used for SUS304-20Cr heat resistant steel

Application Examples
* Injection molding machine (cylinders, screws, sleeves)
* Hydraulic machinery (plates, pins, cylinders)
* Power plants (valves, gears, piping)
* Aircraft (shafts, couplings, gears, sleeves)
* Vessels (engines, valves, crank axles, plungers)
* Automobiles (piston rings, coil springs)